The Constitution has served our country, as a plan of government, for over two hundred years. Through good times and bad times it has with-stood many challenges. The Constitution is called a living document that has changed over the years to help our country grow into one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Is the Constitution still applicable in today’s society?

Create a Photo Story:

1) In partners, students will select an amendment (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 13, 19, 22, 25) to the constitution to explain and analyze.

2) Students will search for information using primary and secondary resources.

3) Students will create a Photo Story which will include the following:
  • Describe/Explain the amendment
  • Include the reason it was necessary at the time it was proposed and passed.
  • Give at least one example of somewhere in the world where the amendment does not apply and the consequences.

  • Evaluate if the amendment studied is still applicable today. Evaluate which amendments (researched by classmates) are still applicable today (use discussion tab) and give constructive feedback to classmates regarding their Photo Story Draft.
  • After students give feedback, each group uses the feedback to revise the draft and/or explains in a reply why they did not follow the suggestions of peers.
  • After completing the project the students should be able to:
    • Locate and use primary (Things from the actual time such as the legal document itself, letters, journal articles from the times) and secondary documents (things that describe the events but weren't actually from the times.
    • Describe the selected amendments
    • Explain how they are applied
    • Evaluate which ones that are still applicable today and why.
    • Give and receive constructive feedback from peers.
    • Work collaboratively with partner.
    • Learn how to use Photo Story effectively and apply it to other curricular areas.

*Challenge:*( find and post on the wiki current laws that are outdated, but still on the books, i.e. Spitting on the sidewalk, bathing once a year in Kentucky...)

Amendment Assignment

Amendment Assignment

Constructive Feedback Checklist

Constructive Feedback Tips

Constructive Feedback Reply

PhotoStory Rubric

PowerPoint: How to use PhotoStory

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Photostory Presentation[1].ppt

Photostory Presentation[1].ppt