PhotoStory Amendment Checklist




Title Page: First names Last Initial, Hour, and Amendment (make in ppt and save as JEG)


Describe/Explain the amendment.


Reason Amendment was proposed and passed.


Evaluate if the amendment studied is still applicable today.


Example where in the world the amendment does not apply and the consequences.


Citation Slide


Text , if used should be strategically placed.


Sound is clear and consistent.


Photos tell the story/check effectiveness and clarity.


Music doesn't overide narration and sets the mood.


Refer to the rubric for details.



It is...

It means...

Why it was proposed...

Evaluation of application today...

Example: where around the world this amendment does not apply...

Post Script Here:

Slide 1- For our constitution project we chose amendment number twenty-five
Slide 2- This amendment officially states that in case of the removal of the president from office, of his death, or registration, the vice president shall become president.
Slide 3- Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the vice president, the president shall nominate a vice president who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both houses of congress.
Slide 4- What this means is that when a president can’t perform his duties, the vice president takes over.
Slide 5- But what happens if can’t take over the president’s duties?
Slide 6- That’s why they have the line of succession. This line goes, vice president, speaker of the house, senate pro temp, secretary of the state, secretary of the treasury, and finally the secretary of defense.
Slide 7- The 25th amendment implicates society because it prevents argument throughout the country. If Barrack Obama dies, we will be prepared because we know who will take his place if he can’t perform his duties.
Slide 8- This amendment was proposed and passed in the year 1967. It was necessary at the time because this was the year that John F. Kennedy was assassinated. No one knew what to do so they decided to create a line of succession.
Slide 9- Unfortunately, not every country has a line of succession. For example, Syria. The consequences (currently) are, they are constantly debating over leadership in their country. This is very complicated for people in this country because they do not have a safeguard to protect their country.
Slide 10- This amendment was not only used in 1967, but today as well. For example in 1981 Ronald Regan had surgery and couldn’t perform his duties. George H. W. Bush was the vice president at the time and he took over Ragen’s duties. This prevented argument across the country because no one had to fight over who was going to be leader.
Slide 11- Thanks for watching!

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