PhotoStory Amendment Checklist




Title Page: First names Last Initial, Hour, and Amendment (make in ppt and save as JEG)


Describe/Explain the amendment.


Reason Amendment was proposed and passed.


Evaluate if the amendment studied is still applicable today.


Example where in the world the amendment does not apply and the consequences.


Citation Slide


Text , if used should be strategically placed.


Sound is clear and consistent.


Photos tell the story/check effectiveness and clarity.


Music doesn't overide narration and sets the mood.


Refer to the rubric for details.



It is...

It means...

Why it was proposed...

Evaluation of application today...

Example: where around the world this amendment does not apply...

Post Script Here:

Slide 1 (title)
For our project, Molly and I chose one of the most important amendments, the 19th amendment.

Slide 2:
The 19th amendment states that “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex”. This means that no matter what gender you are, the United States or state can’t keep you from the right to vote.

Slide 3:
The 19th amendment was passed by congress June 4th, 1919, and ratified August 18th, 1920. Obviously, women’s rights were attempted to be passed many times. On May 26th, 1880, a petition was sent to the committee on the judiciary from Salem, Massachusetts asking congress to pass an amendment for all citizens to vote.

Slide 4:
Then, in 1884, another petition was signed by 139 people in Jefferson Township, Richland County, Ohio. This petition requested Ohio congressman and members to support the petition for women’s voting right.

Slide 5:
Many people believed that since the women were part of the work force, they deserved the right to vote.

Slide 6:
One example of a country where women do not have rights is Saudi Arabia. As you can see, culture forces them to cover up their faces and most of their skin.

Slide 7:
In conclusion, the 19th amendment has filled our country with more equality.

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