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Script for New York, New York

Title Slide: “New York, New York” By: Jack, Matt, Josh, and Florian
Push Factors:
· 1. Is there too many people in Britain? Hard to find land?
· 2. Do you believe in freedom? Is the king too powerful?
· 3. Having trouble finding a job? Are the taxes too high?
· 4. Do you want religious freedom? Do you want to be treated equally?
Pull Factors:
· 1. Abundance of open land
· 2. Come to the land of opportunity and live freely
· 3. New York has great job opportunities
· 4. There is no dominant religion in New York.
· 5. Deep natural harbor makes for great trade and shipping.
· 6. Lots of animals for food and fur trade.
· 7. Tons of farmland, for cheap money
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Be sure your pictures:
  • are clear
  • tell the story
  • create urgency, (maximize impact)
  • authentic (Primary Source if possible)

Catchy Title

New York, New York
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Intro Slide/Hook (How will you engage your audience so that they will drop everything and watch…?)

What are the Problems/Issues/Why does it matter?

Living in New York is great!

New York In The 1700s (eBook)
New York In The 1700s (eBook)

Push Factor
Tired of overcrowding?
external image Immigrants_arrive_New_York.jpg
external image IM.1064_zp.jpg
Push Factor
Are you having trouble finding a job?

Push Factor
Are the taxes too high?
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Push Factor
Is the crown too powerful?
external image KingGeorgeIII.png
external image king-george-iii.gif

There is plenty of open land in New York
external image Wide-Open-Land.jpg
external image harvest-banner-edit.jpg
external image thumb_1780s%20farm%20near%20fields%20and%20kitchen.jpg

There are many well paying jobs in New York.
external image new-york-colony-5.jpg
external image 57672_ny_harbor_lg.gif
external image colonialamerica_.shipbuilding.jpg

New York has religious fredom and a democracy.
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Closing Zinger (How will get your viewers to empathize and be moved to take action?……it could be a matter of life or death, slogan…i.e."Pure Michigan")
Come to New York
Thanks for watching!
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external image new-york-map-625.jpg

Last Slide: Credits and Citations (end slide) or a slide that tells where citations are located.
citations are on this link.
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Be sure to consider the following when creating your presentation:

  • Be sure your pictures are clear, tell the story, create urgency, (maximize impact), authentic (Primary source if possible) use copyright friendly sources
  • Be sure the music sets the appropriate tone, instrumental is best, lyrics conflict with written words, use copyright friendly sources
  • Be sure your complete citations are listed on a page on the wiki which is on the final slide of your presentation or included in your presentation and are legible.